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sew it sell it

A sewing and entrepreneurship program where participants have the opportunity to express their creativity, learn vocational skills and develop a sense of self-reliance by sewing and selling a product. 

Through Sew It Sell It, students design a product and conceptualize a micro business around that product. 

The program serves children between the ages of 12 and 17. No prior sewing skills are necessary and all equipment and supplies for the program are provided to students. 

In addition to learning the basics of sewing, through a number of workshops led by business professionals and local entrepreneurs, community leaders and university faculty, students learn business and professional skills from branding and marketing, to giving a good pitch.

This year, our program also expanded its vocational offerings to include workshops on screen printing and pottery!


The goal of Sew It Sell It is to supplement youth in our communities with creative, practical and business management skills that they can continue to use on their own outside of the program.  

Our 2023 Sew It Sell It summer program was made possible in part by funding received from the Tennessee Arts Commission.