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Ceramics at The Bottom

Join our community class!

This project is an ongoing community workshop to develop and transmit ideas regarding ceramic culture and to help foster the next generation of BIPOC Appalachian ceramic craft culture.


These ceramic arts-focused classes are broken into five different sessions where students gather once a week for three hours. Each session is six weeks long and takes place between August 2023 and May 2024, there will be a two week break in between each session. Over the course of its duration, this project will provide experiential education the equivalent of an MFA course to a traditionally unsupported community.


The class will provide an exploration of ceramic hand building and will cover the following techniques:

  • Pinch Pots

  • Coiling and Slab Building

  • Hump Molds and Slump Molds

Decorative techniques will include:

  • Underglaze

  • Slip Trailing

  • Sgraffitto

  • Inlay

  • Monotype Transfers

  • Glazing Styles


Classes will be taught by Maggie Connolly and Jeremy Myles. This project is being supported in whole or in part, by federal award number 21.027 awarded to the City of Knoxville by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Arts & Culture Alliance.

Classes are offered to the community free of charge. Registration is required and there are a limited number of spots available for each session.

Ceramic Soul

Check out Ceramic Soul, our new collective working to foster the next generation of Black Appalachian ceramic craft culture.


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