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TINY bookshop

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The Tiny Bookshop Concerts are a series of live performances showcasing local talent in an intimately empowering environment. While music is centered, the project is multidisciplinary in nature and aims to support a myriad of local artists, storytellers, performers and professionals of color.

The primary goal of each show is to capture engaging video/audio content that can reach a wide digital audience (from the live recording at the show, we aim to create a youtube video, professional photos, and a mini podcast episode - all of which will be shared with each artist).

The ticketed show aspect was added to include our local community in on the experience! The shows are nice and intimate, with a maximum of 20 tickets available. Each ticket comes with a seat, tea & refreshments, there is also an option to add a book of choice to the ticket at a discounted price.

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“Showcasing local talent in an intimately empowering environment”

Upcoming Performance

You don't want to miss it!

Brandi Augustus, Sunday 10/29 at 6pm

Brandi Augustus is a radical storyteller who takes all that she has experienced and transforms her trauma into relatable stories that will have you laughing and reevaluating life.  Brandi Augustus is not only a staple entertainer on the East Tennessee arts scenes but she is also a mother, advocate, activist, community leader, and all-around badass. Tiny Bookshop Concerts are a series of live performances showcasing local talent in an intimately empowering environment, think Tiny Desk Concert but with even more vibes & tea time.


meet the team

Ty (2).HEIC

Ty Murray

Creator, Host, Co-producer


Kami Astro

Co-producer, Audio Engineer


Bill Hadam

Co-producer, Cinematographer

Daniel Craft

Graphic Artist

 Ty Murray is a multi-faceted artist and activist. She received a BS in Public Relations, concentrating in Music Business at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She has served as a local musical tastemaker since 2017 as the DJ and host of Soul Power on 90.3 The Rock, where she spins two hours of soul, funk and feel good music every Sunday evening. To her, art is activism and she believes that music has the power to help connect, empower, and heal both individuals and communities.

 Kami Astro is a recording engineer, producer, and musician. Astro wants to champion cross-genre music, and to create a safe, inclusive space that welcomes all artists, regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Bill Hadam is a creative visionary behind the lens. With a unique eye for composition and lighting, they craft captivating stories through visuals. Bill's work spans diverse genres and captivates audiences with its artistry and emotion.

Daniel Craft

Graphic Artist

thank you to our sponsors

The Tennessee Arts Commission offers a variety of distinct funding opportunities to encourage participation in arts activities in communities across all 95 counties

 Sadie Peal Records is an initiative centering music and movement in mindful ways. In addition to curating live music experiences, Sadie Pearl Records supports a boutique Black empowerment record store in our space, stocked with specially curated and hand selected picks -- a heavy emphasis on soul, funk, and music that packs a punch!

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