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Community Podcast Studio: we tell our own stories of now and then

We're in the process of building a community recording studio for audio storytellers of all experience levels.

By the support of the Highlander Center’s We Shall Overcome Fund and community funders, we've been able to begin building a community podcast studio. This podcast studio is intentionally centered to representingand supporting Black storytellers.


Additionally, we prioritize creating accessible and affordable entry points for new audio makers and encouraging connection and collaboration between audio makers.

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The Community Podcast Studio will support audio makers in the following ways:

Recording: Production resources can be hard to find and expensive but are important for quality sounding audio. We run a professional recording studio and prioritize affordability for everyone.

Training: Everything from editing, interviewing, sound design and  marketing... We understand that a lot goes into making quality audio work. Everyone might not be good at everything but we do have local experts and we want to draw on their expertise to offer hands on training for makers of all levels

Community: We are fostering a gathering place for podcasters, radio reporters, oral historians, sound artists, musicians, and more.

Any community organizations in Knoxville interested in partnering, please email us at with a description of your organization and audio interests!

We also invite individuals with experience and passion for the radio and podcasting industry to host workshops on editing, writing for radio, interviewing, and marketing among other topics!

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